> Who's Your Batter?

Anonymous asked: I CAAAAAARRREEE *clings* stay here batty-boo


atrociouscanine asked: Hm. I haven't got any inquiries for you as of now, but I supposed I may as well just drop in and say hello~ so, greetings, dear Batter.


ghost-zacharie asked: OFF, for the fandom askbox thing? uwu


myanacondomdont asked: Um hi I really like your blog and your ask-answer things and your cosplay is amazing and so are you and i just thought you should know that

Youre precious. <3 

And thank you for not being anon!
Almost everyone goes anon….

can you ever forgive me lovelies?

I know I totally said Id start answering asks again and then I just like stopped. I got really caught up in finishing cosplays for Youmacon and then my new job along with moving into a new place. Just….lots of bull v.v and catching up in new anime and TV shows (via just getting into Hannibal) Id LOVE to answer Asks again ;A; I miss doing this and I love playing with my dear askangelzacharie! 

"Hmm….yeah this one is good……"


"Oh god! No! When did you get here! This isnt what it looks like!"


(all these Zacharies wanting the B man….I swear.)


Anonymous asked: I have a quick cosplay question *sorry if it bugs you or I don't make any sense orz* but where the heck do you get the stuff to make your cosplays, do you sew them or piece them together? I'm trying to piece a Fem!Batter cosplay together but so far I've been searching for a while and can't find anything good. Do you have any recommendations?

I actually got most of my stuff from the thrift store…..An I hand sew or hot glue anything together that can be done that way! Sorry its not elaborate. xD Im kinda broke most of the time.

edited: Also! Ive made a Fem!Batter thanks to a random anon. 
Ive posted pictures of I before. I just Use my same shirts then I wore a skirt instead. Pretty much it xD But long hair! 

All I used for Batter though was a short sleeved white shirt with the buttons on the top, then a long sleeved black turtle neck. White pants that go down to my knees. Knee high black socks, black tennis shoes. Then I wear a white wig, and a black hat! And I added Baseball gloves.

I hope that helped! 

hehe~hello batter*wink*

hehe~hello batter*wink*


"And I absolutely adore you. You beautiful Anon you."

(Thank you! It does mean a lot! ^^)


Anonymous asked: How are you doing today?

Im doing absolutely wonderful. Im bringing my Ask blog back to life after all!